2010年3月22日 星期一







本程式不需要用到WIFI 3G的網絡要求,方便在外地不能使用3G上網的旅客。


Macaupedia - (Macau Tour Guide)

Macaupedia is an application provides information about scenic sports, restaurants, shopping centers, hotels and transportation in Macau.

If you are going to have a trip in Macau, it is good for you to download this app and plan your schedule or find out address or information about a place in Macau.

This app imported the address, telephone number and descriptions of the scenic sports, restaurants, shopping centers and hotels in Macau.

Provide English and Chinese interface.

No wifi or 3G is needed in this app.

Up to 100 Scenic sports, shopping centers and hotels.


2010年2月22日 星期一

EZCalculator2 New Updates! Buy one get one free!

The new version of EZCalculator is released. EZCalculator2 has much more function then EZCalculator. Added hyperbolic functions, power of x, root of x, cubic root and more.

Thank you for supporting LucasEZApp, for those who bought EZCalculator from 10-Feb-2010 are free to update into EZCalculator2, please contact me by email, to get the redeem code.

2010年2月9日 星期二

EZCalculator 2.0 Coming Soon

Thank you all for downloading EZCalculator. The second version of EZCal is coming around 14 Feb 2010. There are new feature memory slot. Here are some screen shot